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Making good technology spectacular

The REDAPT™ Fully Porous Acetabular Cup with CONCELOC™ Technology was launched in 2016. REDAPT

To allow ingrowth, an additive, or 3D printing, manufacturing process is used to produce anentirely porous implant that mimics the structure of cancellous bone. New variable-angle locking screws can be used to enhance implant stability and minimise micromotion after surgery, which when coupled with placement of hole patterns, optimises surgical flexibility and access, particularly in difficult to reach areas of revision cases. 

The 3D printing method allows for complex design geometries that would be difficult, expensive or impossible to achieve with traditional manufacturing methods. For example, solid reinforcements can be built directly into the porous structure to provide extra strength in precise locations.

In general, additive processes such as 3D printing are significantly more resource efficient than subtractive processes like machining and we intend to evaluate additional applications for additive technologies.